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Research interests
About my PhD thesis 

par nojhan le 6 mars 2003

Currently, I am a PhD student ("Optimization by the ants colony method, adaptation to problems with continuous variables, applications in biomedical engineering") at the university of Paris XII , in the LERISS laboratory. I hold a postgraduate certificate in Biomathematics from the university of Paris VII and a master’s degree in biology of populations and ecosystems from the university of Rennes I . My research interests are in continuous optimization and systems inspired from the ant colonies, as well as the application of such systems to biomedicals problems.

My current interests are :
-  adaptation of metaheuristics to continuous problems
-  ant colony optimisation algorithms
-  dynamical continuous optimization
-  statistical comparison of metaheuristics
-  assisted parameter setting
-  hybrid algorithms
-  self-organization in biological systems


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